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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Birthdays

People with birthdays in December sometimes have it rough - if your big day falls late enough in the month, there's a potential that your birthday might be minimized or set aside because of other holiday celebrations, namely Christmas and Hanukkah. My father's birthday is New Year's Eve and he recalls the bundling of presents and joint celebrations of his childhood that people with summer birthdays couldn't ever imagine. December birthdays at a retail store are even more difficult, finding a time to gather, sing, and consume dessert in between customers is nearly impossible. But it happened recently and I was charged with photographing it. We celebrated the birthdays of three women who have aged gracefully and are full of life. You'll see that in the candlelit photos below and in the way they attacked the caramel cheesecake we had to celebrate.

Birthday in Black and White

Birthday Girls

Birthday "Cake" Remnants

Eric Lovelin Photography


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