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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not Everyone One's a Winner

Thank you all for indulging me yesterday and letting me gush about Drifter and share with you two shots of him sitting regally in a leather armchair recliner. But you don't get lucky with every pet, and Lulu might just be a perfect example of that.

Lulu means well, she really does. She's Molly's grandma's dog and has always been loving and loyal to Meg. But her scruffy coat, oddly pointed nose, and Dr. Seuss-like tail are really a distressing sight to see. And her bark is reminiscent of a slowing fire alarm due to low batteries, a high-pitched "Lar-lar-la-lar" sound. I captured the photo below of her last weekend as she stared in my direction and I prayed she didn't bring her halitosis close to my face.

Oh Little Lulu

Eric Lovelin Photography


  1. That was very Sue Sylvester of you. I enjoyed it. :)

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