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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lost in Translation

Several weeks ago when Molly was visiting, we stopped by Portland's branch of the massive Scandinavian superstore IKEA. Mostly we were browsing and killing time since it's located right next to the airport, but we did pick up some glassware and other small purchases. No furniture at this time, but we enjoyed browsing the showroom and seeing the dining room, bedroom, and living room setups.

Freshly Roasted Coffee

But while Molly was looking at something, my eye turned to a coffee display near the café. I was at first intrigued by the cheap price for IKEA's dark roast but then, as I looked closer at the label, I was humored by the name. IKEA should be applauded for their attempts not to Americanize. Who knows what those item names mean anyway? But I believe that the Americanized pronunciation of these names should certainly be considered by the marketing team at IKEA. Perhaps this is their sneaky little joke, but I have had several great laughs at the name of this coffee when dumbly pronounced in English.

I hope you enjoy the photo above and my mock advertisement below if I were enlisted to market this item for IKEA!

IKEA Coffee Ad

Eric Lovelin Photography

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