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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Local News

Well TIME Magazine is officially out on newsstands and all subscribers have received their copies. Molly went out and bought me 4 copies at our local Barnes & Noble store and we instantly turned to page 63 to see my photo in the two-page spread of Thriller elegies. It was the final page in my growing two-week excitement about the photograph and its publication. All of my email correspondence with TIME editor Leslie dela Vega had come to a close and the photo was officially in, printed, and distributed to many.

But then the local media got wind of Chico's presence in a big national publication, right below London and to the left of Toronto. It's a big honor for this amazing community event, organized by Cathy Small-Tuttle. In fact, I have come to learn that her phone calls are partly responsible for the local media knowing I had a photo in TIME Magazine at all. But just in case having a photo appear in TIME was not enough, the photo and its selection are now covered by Greg Welter in the Chico Enterprise-Record today and the Chico News & Review's Arts section on Thursday, Dec. 17th by Jason Cassidy. There's a chance too that NBC24 will come by work this morning to record a short spot for the television news today.

So the excitement of this photograph continues to expand. You can read all about these photographic accomplishments on the News section of my website. Just choose "News" in the top menu bar and the following page should load. Thanks again for all your support and congratulations!

Eric Lovelin Photography


  1. Good for business, I should hope. Congrats again! We're keeping the issue for posterity.

  2. Ryan and I bought our copy today! So exciting!
    - Julia

  3. This sounds great and incredibly exciting. I'm glad it worked out, Eric. Hope to work with you again!