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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well Fall has begun to arrive here in Chico. The only real signs that we're moving out of summer are the cooler nights and lack of highs in the 90s. Sunshine is still abundant and we're treated to mid-80s weather each day. Nevertheless, I've been dying to photograph a little bit of fall since my leaf capture the other day.

The slow shift to fall in California has reminded me that photography is about the details. I certainly won't be capturing the vivid fall landscapes of Vermont anytime soon, but I can walk out my back door and appreciate the lush purple hue and deep veining of dogwood leaves.

Dogwood Leaves

So instead of lamenting your limited photographic opportunities, check your local event listings, walk around your own back yard, and appreciate what's nearby waiting to be captured.

Deep Red

Eric Lovelin Photography

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